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The media may be vulnerable to biases, but it is also indispensable for a healthy democracy

21 December, 2018

This was stated by Dr. Jatin Srivastava, who delivered the second Dr. Anamika Ray National Media Lecture at Gauhati University on Friday.

“Media biasness always exists either for media operates in certain way or sometimes they are influenced by certain undesirable forces, which is indispensible for a healthy democracy”, said Srivastava, who is an Associate Professor at E.W.Scripps School of Journalism in Ohio University, USA.

The Lecture was organised by Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust in collaboration with Department of Communication and Journalism, Gauhati University on the topic “Media Literacy as Active Citizenship: An Argument”.

Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust, a registered educational and charitable nonprofit organization established in 2015 with the anti-medical terrorism and right to health movement. The Trust is dedicated towards the upliftment of research and other development activities in the field of media and education.

“The biasness that exists in media content often arises for the number of voices that is raised is few. The larger objective of the media content is to rather look into the other aspects than a particular issue that is making its round. The number of voices is also few subjecting to the dominance of one issue over other”, added Srivastava.

Srivastava said that ‘Me Too’ Movement that has made round in media for some days was also biased as all sections of voices were not raised. The section of domestic female workers or the marginalised people were not included in the movement. This is because voices from such section did not come. “Moreover, the ‘Me Too’ Movement became dominated upon the other relevant issues of the time that bear few voices”, said the Associate Professor.

Stressing upon the Media literacy, Srivastava said, “People must adapt with the changes that Media has taken place from traditional media to Digital media. This understanding of the media depends upon the citizens who must raise their voices in abundance on every issue”.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Mridul Hazarika, the Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University said, “It is important to look into whether the ethical component in media is dominated by the business oriented media. Moreover, the active citizen is the positive citizen in the context of the development of the country”.

Dr. Hemanta Kumar Nath, Secretary of the University Classes, Rajat Baran Mahanta, the Vice Chair of the Anamika Ray Memorial Trust (ARMT), Dr. Ankuran Dutta, Managing Trustee of ARMT and Head department of Communication and Journalism, faculties and students from various Universities north east India also attended the programme.

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