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      The ‘Motivation’ is a compilation of creating an environment for holistic development to human brains during the time of crisis. It is not just an invention out of the COVID-19 crisis; but addresses every such situation when human beings begin to lose their mental strength and succumbed to mental death. It is about foregrounding the underlying emotions and stresses of human beings which is overtly passive in nature and hence converting them into kinetic energies in our day to day life. As a whole, the concept of Motivation is about celebrating the empowerment of human minds and enlightening the unknown horizon of human brain with all sources of positive vibes. Motivation is not simply encouragement that we usually do; here, it is about the whole process of nurturing the capabilities to re-establish the fallen empire out of the graveyard.

      The basic objectives of preparing this document is to stimulate more than three crore students of higher education of the country about different prospects of activities even after the confinement of spaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How to inculcate new habits and dispel away the boredom that may lead them to solitude of pain and miseries is another important area in this document. Motivation is prepared to prevent the human resources of higher education from becoming non-performing assets and convert them to performing beings during the time of lockdown and to break down the stigma related to mental health by providing an environment for their holistic development. This brief but comprehensive document with 10 important concepts will enable human resources to foresee the new way of life that depends upon the mental strength rather than the physical one.

       Motivation is prepared as an outcome targeted document. This document will act as a guiding light for many such students of higher education, who are being caught into the clutch of mental war during this lockdown period. It will achieve a milestone as an accomplished communication agent to the students during the period when communication itself is curbed within four-walled rooms. This document will help eradicate all noises within one’s mind risen out of the loneliness and accompany them till they stabilize for future course of actions and will enable them to dream big despite the livelihoods remain standstill due to the massive outbreak of COVID-19 virus across the world.

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