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ARMT in collaboration with UNICEF and BTR government promotes nutritional behaviour through Puppetry

Guwahati, Jan 8: Puppetry shows promoting nutritional behaviours among children, adolescents and women was launched in Baksa district of Assam on Saturday.

Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust (ARMT) in collaboration with UNICEF and BTR government set off to organise a total of 45 puppetry shows from January 8 to 12 to bring social and behavioural change among the target audiences.

Puppetry shows which are considered as one of the popular traditional art forms of Assam also called Putola Nach was used to bring social and behavioural change among the target audiences. The difference that ARMT made this time is the convergence of both rod and glove puppets to bring alive the characters that will play a catalyst role in the entire series.

The series was named as Hiyar Phool Monor Pakhila’, which will be shown in Tamulpur and nearby areas under Baksa district during the campaign.

The main objective of the puppetry shows is to promote the nutritional behaviours among both the rural and urban population in Baksa district. The idea is to create a ‘Jan Andolan’ on nutritional benefits among the people who are deprived of the balanced and proper diet using this series. It will be reached to diverse population and will not only be limited to the rural but also the urban areas using social media.

The campaign was launched at 10.30 am in No. 182 Borkhopa L.P School, Tamulpur of Baksa district by Smt. Parul Bharali Boro who graced the programme as the chief guest.

In her inaugural speech, Smt. P.B. Boro, who is a Social Activist, Entrepreneur and Vice President of AGRA said, “These puppetry videos will educate the children about the nutritional benefits that will not only keep them away from the illness but will also strengthen their health despite the prevailing situation of COVID-19”.

Among the total of 45 puppetries, 15 live and 30 digital puppetry shows were developed by Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust (ARMT) – a Guwahati based NITI Ayog registered non-profit organisation.

“Health is a very important issue and through these puppetry shows, we deal with how we can procure good health by maintaining a balance between nutrition and wellness”, said Shri Bhaben Deuri, IS and DEEO of Baksa in his goodwill message.

It is to be noted that the series comprised of 10 episodes, which were developed on the themes like healthy diet, responsive parenting, malnutrition, anaemia, adolescent nutrition and inter-generational malnutrition, care during pregnancy, breastfeeding, complementary feeding and women nutrition.

The programme was also attended by Shri Victor Narzary, OSD, Dept. of Education, BTR; Shri Arunjoy Khungur Brahma, BEEO, Tamulpur; Jogen ch. Rajbangshi, Head Teacher Borkhopa High School; Smt. Manita Devi, Head Teacher, Borkhopa LP School; Shri Suresh Parmar, C4D Specialist, UNICEF Assam and the ARMT team led by Dr. Moushumi Bhattacharjee, Senior Programme Officer, ARMT.

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