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ARMT hosts an enlightening web-discussion related to community videos

March 01, 2021

A web-discussion on “Community Videos in India: Challenges and Potentials” was successfully hosted by Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust on Monday.

It was an enlightening discussion on the importance of community videos as a developing medium working for the communities. Various expert speakers who are actively involved with various community video organisations participated and delivered their speech. The session was formally inaugurated by the Vice Chair of the Trust Rajat Baran Mahanta.

Three of the speakers from prominent organisations of the country like - Digital Green, Drishti and Video SEWA took part in the discussion and shed light upon the role, impact and sustainability of community videos among the communities.

"Community Videos act as tools to connect to farmers and help them get their jobs done efficiently; while letting them speak on the feasibility of the existing contents help us to create new digital contents in future", said Dr. Namita Singh of Digital Green.

More than 150 enthusiasts from across the country working for the welfare of communities, professionals, academicians, research scholars and students involved with community development work registered for the web-discussion.

The web-discussion was inaugurated by the Vice Chair of the Trust Rajat Baran Mahanta and moderated by Dr. Aparna Sharma, Vice-Chair of Undergraduate Affairs, University of California at Los Angeles, USA.

Apart from the role, efficiency and impact of the works undertaken by these organisations through community video, the discussion also emphasise upon the sustainability of community video as a medium working for development among the communities.

Mobile phone or Smart phone plays an important role when it comes to the sustainability of Community Videos in this digital age.

“Through smart phones issues on education and health among the marginalized section can be easily highlighted now", said Debarun Dutta of Drishti.

While the discussion also highlighted that starting from making films on adolescent girls by the organisations like Video SEWA and training the beneficiaries to capacity building activities on farming and other sectors, smartphone has become the low-cost technology that can take Community Videos to sustainable position in days to come.

The discussion ended with a gratitude note expressed by the Managing Trustee of the Trust Dr. Ankuran Dutta for actively participating in the programme and for their chalking a promissory note for to bring change through Community Videos in this digital age.

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