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ARMT flies the ‘Kite’ high for children during pandemic

Guwahati 5 May, 2021: The COVID-19 has really created a topsy-turvy situation for children as adhering to the New Normal made them lose more than what they have gained in the last one year.

But, the Guwahati-based Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust (ARMT) in another development of its activism during COVID-19 holds the ‘Kite’ of these children ‘High’ as they adjust with the New Normal of the post-covid world.

ARMT in collaboration with UNICEF Assam and Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan, Assam prepared and produced a comic book titled ‘Kiting High’ in English and ‘Hepahor Silakhon’ in Assamese which is developed for children drawing a clear picture of how they first struggle and then successfully cope up with the changing world of COVID-19.

The title ‘Kiting High’ is about the hopes and aspiration of children that needs to remain high despite the pandemic threatens many of theirs dream.

“It tells the story about the changes that children witness during COVID-19 living in both villages and cities. This is about a story of Rashmi who had come down from the city to Bolin’s village and enjoyed each other’s company while people were restricted to their homes during pandemic”, said Dr. Ankuran Dutta, the Managing Trustee of ARMT.

Dutta added, “During the lockdown, though it has become difficult for children to restrict themselves at homes; but their quest to learn about the changing situation arises. And thus, children have quickly learnt to adapt with the post-COVID world, its way of living adhering to the Covid Appropriate Behaviours which are considered as the New Normal”.

‘Kiting High’ sets a new benchmark of creating a new environment of learning for children during the pandemic. It is an enjoyable reading book for children with a touch of vernacular story telling style through beautiful pictures set in both the rural and urban landscape.

The Trust has recently uploaded the ‘Kiting High’ comic book both in English and Assamese language in its official website . The Trust urges people to go through it and share it as much as possible among the larger audiences including children.

This is one of its kind initiatives of ARMT to share some facts about facing and beating COVID-19 in the form of a story for children. Earlier, the Trust in its own effort has also produced ‘MOTIVATION’ Making the best of Covid Crisis – a multimedia interactive document about equipping and assisting the students of higher education during COVID-19. Its objective was to stimulate more than three crore higher education students of the country about different prospects of activities even after the confinement of spaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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